FT5: Auckland Volcanoes – FULL

FT5: Auckland Volcanoes – FULL

Auckland City is built over and out of the 53 volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic field. All erupted within the last 200,000 years and therefore many still have well preserved volcanic landforms. These monogenetic basalt volcanoes erupted in three different styles that produced three different rock types and three different types of landform. Wet explosive phreatomagmatic eruptions built tuff rings surrounding maar craters. Dry explosive fountaining eruptions built the iconic scoria cones of Auckland and the quiet effusion of basalt lava constructed lava flow fields and small shields. This tour will start (9 AM) and finish (5 PM) at the conference Cordis Hotel. We will visit examples of all these volcanic landforms and rocks with short steep climbs up Mt Eden and Mangere Mt scoria cones, views of the Domain and Pupuke maar craters and visits to Takapuna fossil forest preserved as moulds in a lava flow and Ihumatao fossil forest killed by base surge blasts and preserved in the resulting tuff ring. On our tour we will see much of Auckland including the Harbour Bridge, Takapuna Beach, Lake Pupuke, Auckland Domain and the Manukau Harbour foreshore.

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9am - 5pm


Auckland, NZ


NZ $85



Bruce Hayward