SC1: Rapid and Reliable Mineralogy using Spectral Geology and aiSIRIS

SC1: Rapid and Reliable Mineralogy using Spectral Geology and aiSIRIS

Presented by

Sasha Pontual

Managing Director, AusSpec International

Key concepts to be discussed at the workshop will include:

  • Basic theory of infrared (IR) spectral analysis: Covering a full background so that all participants can understand what is detected in the IR data, and what information can be extracted from the spectra.
  • What other information can we detect in the IR data: Presentation on the specific mineral characteristics that can be detected in the spectral data. Discussion of why these are important for analysis of alteration in different alteration systems.
  • How to collect the best spectra: Tips and recommendations for using a spectrometer and doing good QAQC for spectral geology.
  • The aiSIRIS interpretation solution: A discussion of the aiSIRIS interpretation system and why it has been important for the take up of spectral geology in the industry. What the aiSIRIS results mean and how to use the data in a practical way.
  • Case study examples: Typical problems and their solutions. Examples of successful application of spectral geology and the aiSIRIS outputs to exploration and mining.
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Tuesday 2 April 2019


8.00am - 5.00pm


Cordis Hotel, Auckland


NZ $250 Member

NZ $300 Non Member

NZ $50 Student


Morning and afternoon teas and lunch