Rich Goldfarb

Colorado School of Mines and China University of Geosciences Beijing

Topic: Orogenic Gold and the Global Picture

Richard J. Goldfarb was a research geologist with the Minerals Program of the U.S. Geological Survey for 36 years. He has conducted studies on the distribution of gold deposits throughout the world, compiling comprehensive global descriptions of their spatial-temporal setting and evaluating their ore controlling factors.  His research has been focused on global metallogeny, geology of ore deposits in the North American Cordillera with emphasis on orogenic gold, distribution and geology of lode gold deposits in China and elsewhere in Asia, and fluid inclusion and stable isotope applications to the understanding of ore genesis.  Rich has senior authored and co-authored more than 225 papers on mineral resources, with many recognized as the authoritative research on gold in metamorphic terranes and on aspects of regional metallogeny. Presently, he is a research professor at Colorado School of Mines and China University of Geosciences Beijing, as well as an independent consultant to the exploration and mining industry.

SEG Keynote Speaker

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