Peter Winterburn

Association of Applied Geochemists Keynote Speaker

Keynote presentation: Discovering buried mineralization with microbes, organics and seismic pumping.

Peter is an exploration geochemist with over 25 years of experience in industry prior to joining the Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) as a professor of exploration geochemistry at the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 2014. Peter was previously employed by Anglo American plc as their regional geochemist in Africa and subsequently in South America, based out of Santiago, Chile, following which he held the post of chief geochemist for global exploration with Vale, based out of Toronto, Canada.

Peter has worked in over 60 countries representing a range of environments from tropical to arctic to arid deserts in both mountainous and subdued terrains. He is currently the NSERC/AcmeLabs/Bureau Veritas Minerals Research Chair in Exploration Geochemistry at MDRU, where he directs a program aimed at answering many of the questions and providing practical applications with respect to the discovery of mineral deposits through transported overburden. Peter has active research projects and students in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Colombia, and Chile, where he is working on a dominant theme of understanding the processes of anomaly generation and anomaly retention in the surface soils in areas where mineralisation is concealed by exotic materials. This research includes themes as diverse as regolith mapping, surface organic and inorganic geochemistry, soil mineralogy, structural mapping, extractive geochemistry, geochemistry in hyper-arid terrains and microbial genomics.

The Association of Applied Geochemists Keynote Speaker

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