Geotechnical analysis implementing geological structures in limit equilibrium method

Exploration, Mining Investment and New Project Developments

Dr Maged Alm

Mazaya University

This paper aims to review the implementation of geological structures into the general limit equilibrium method of rock slope stability analysis for Handlebar Hill open pit in Australia. Rocks are typically anisotropic, and the slope in this study is heterogeneous with joints and faults strike sub–parallel to the orientation. Despite this difficulty, further technique of anisotropic rock mass strength is considered in the analysis of the limit equilibrium method. The directional effect of the weak structures in the rock mass is defined by the parameters of two sets of analyses. The first presumed that the structure in the plane of the slope is controlled by two joint sets but, the second analysis presumed one set of joints and a set of bedding planes that dip approximately sub–parallel to the slope. The results of the performed analyses show that the frictional anisotropy has an influence on the location and the scale of the critical slip surface. However, the dip angle of the apparent structure was the most important factor that controls the rock critical surface initiation.

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